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While looking for some cutting edge avant garde porn, accidentally I found this review by Adi Renaldi :


June 22, 2009 ·

Not until yesterday i just realized, that some of Jogjakarta’s artists took their time to be bedroom-musicians between painting activities. And i was kinda late to realize it, because many of them had released their “fun projects” some previous months a go. Ok, so you may tell me that i was “lost in jungle” for not knowing any local news. Yeah, i may say so, because my concern is not only in music, i’ve been doing a lot of things related to news-hunting, as well as writing about arts. Ok enough about me. Now let’s talk about this one-man project thing…As i mentioned before, it is one-man project. So it means solo. They just did it for catharsis i guess, i mean there’s no actual tendencies to be a huge musicians or released by big labels. Some were just recorded their material through simple equipment. Seems like they just let their souls flow…

The first one we got SODADOSA, sound project by Krisna Widiathama – Jogjakarta’s young artist who was born in Bali. While doing his final project on his undergraduate thesis, he saved his time to record a full 10-track of dissonant entitled “Murmuring Chaos” released under the pride of Jogjakarta net label yesnowave. Krisna who really into horror and occult stuff on every of his artworks, once again took those things he loves into that experimental-cut and paste noise ambience soundscape. You do the math!. Actually the music is not as complicated as i described before, it’s easier if we compare this to Merzbow, kalimayat, or even sunn 0))). So we got it! Ambience drone perhaps! Krisna is also known as a member of another experimental act, Black Ribbon along with other artists. So he’s really got himself into this sort of experiment. For those who are into anything experimental, this free and legal amazing album from Jogjakarta’s rising artist is really worth collecting. Absurd, menacing, and the darkest ever!

Again we got another on-the-peak artist emerging from Jogjakarta, Wedhar Riyadi, who enjoys his one-man project EVILY CANDY MACHINE. while Krisna is more horror-experimental approach, Wedhar believes in more-electronically taste. Even there’s one thing in common, that is ambience soul. Wedhar also plays guitar with his band Belajar Membunuh. The absurdity is still the commodity, not in literal meaning, but he’s the guy who made his own dreams come true through his musical ingredients that he blends. conjoined the 6 tracks all at once into an unforgettable dreamy excursion, but dream in an absurd way for sure. Winner takes all!

While the other two love to do soundlab experiment, we got a different style of solo artist. This one came from the capital city Jakarta, people called him Sir Dandy Harrington (or maybe he named by himself). Sir Dandy whose artworks are being hunted by most hipsters and socialites, decided to make music from his bedroom, unlike those two artists who used electronic stuff, Sir Dandy looked back in the 50s and 60s musical style, comparing to Bob Dylan, Collin Melloy, Chuck Berry, Johhny Cash, etc. Multi-minimalist sound gives us more humorous vibe, reminds us not to take it so seriously. He recorded 4 tracks plus a video. his single “Ode to Antruefunk” is really heart throbbing. Forget his radicallistic band Teenage Death Star, it’s time for us to sing as if we were in his bedroom

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